Diablo 4 – Diablo, Lord of Terror Chapter Two

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Following Chapter One of Diablo’s backstory previously, Chapter Two today proceeds to explore the Lord of Terror’s existence in Sanctuary further, immediately continuing on from Diablo’s defeat at the hands of the Angiris Council.


During another battle between the destructive forces of angels and demons, both parties halted their advances after they discovered the disappearance of the invaluable Worldstone.

After sensing the presence of a new world and its inhabitants – Sanctuary and humankind, Nephalem – Diablo and his brothers foresaw great potential in this new race in order to finally sway the tide of the Eternal Conflict towards Hell’s favour forever.

Masking their efforts to not betray themselves to the angels’ knowledge, the three (3) Prime Evils – Mephisto, Baal and Diablo – created a native cult known as the Triune in Sanctuary, seeking to manipulate humans by way of common influence and religious beliefs.

The Triune changed the manifestations of all three (3) Prime Evils into those of Mefis (Spirit of Love), Bala (Spirit of Corruption) and Dialon (Spirit of Determination) respectively, tricking its followers into a false sense of worshipping benevolent gods or entities.

To combat this, the rogue archangel Inarius, who is also the literal birth father of all Nephalem, formed the Cathedral of Light, creating different teachings and philosophies in order to garner more influence from humanity towards his side rather than them be seduced into those of the Triune.

Hence, this was the start of the Sin War in Sanctuary for many years, only reaching its climax when the emergence of the most powerful Nephalem of all, Uldyssian ul-Diomed, came into being and formed his own group of non-believers of these two sects, known as the Edyrem.

Seeing through the ulterior motives of the Triune and the Cathedral of Light, Uldyssian and the Edyrem sought to rid Sanctuary of these two (2) false religions, teaching his allies to muster their own Nephalem powers too.

Make sure to stay tuned for Chapter Three of Diablo’s lore throughout the franchise, very soon!

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