Diablo 4 – A Look at the Game’s Unique Weapons Discovered

With the coming of Lilith, Sanctuary is plunged into chaos once more.

Nightmarish demons and uncontrollable creatures corrupted by her influence are now running amok all over the world.

Being one of the few who have the power to stop this, you will need to bolster your own abilities by acquiring the best gear for you to combat such unimaginable threats in the game. For more information, visit U7BUY Blog of Diablo 4.

Unique Weapons fall under that category, here will explore five (5) for you to find throughout your current adventures:

Unique Weapons

Condemnation (Dagger)


• + Damage to Close Enemies
• + Attack Speed of Basic Skills
• + Critical Strike Chance against Injured Enemies
• + Damage using Dual-Wielding Weapons
• + Damage of Core Skills
Special Effect:
o +(20% to 40%) Core Skills Damage when 3 Combo Points are spent
o 30% Chance of Basic Skills generating 3 Combo Points

This incredible Dagger is suitable for all Dexterity-based characters in the game.

However, the Rogue benefits from it the most because of its impressive ability to generate Combo Points, which is something that aligns with many of the Rogue’s best builds right now.

With this in hand, your Rogue becomes the ideal Assassin-type character for you play as in Diablo 4.


Ancient’s Oath (Two-Handed Axe)


• + Damage to Healthy Enemies
• + Damage to Slowed Enemies
• + Vulnerable Damage
• + Steel Grasp ranks
Special Effect
o Steel Grasp produces 2 more chains
o –(55% to 65%) Movement Speed of Enemies hit by Steel Grasp (3 seconds)

If the Barbarian is your class pick, then acquiring Ancient’s Oath here should serve as a clear warning for your enemies to stay clear of your path!

Not only does the Barbarian have skills that inflict debilitating effects on foes, but this Two-Handed Axe’s special effects add Steel Grasp too, letting you pull your enemies towards you for quick hits, which is amazing.

Hellhammer (Two-Handed Mace)


• + Overpower Damage
• + Damage using Two-Handed Bludgeoning Weapons
• + Damage to Crowd-Controlled (CC) Enemies
• + Damage to Burning Enemies
• + Upheaval ranks
Special Effect
o Upheaval deals 3-second Burning damage-over-time (DOT) to Enemies caught in its small area-of-effect (AOE)

To pummel your enemies into smithereens, the Hellhammer is a magnificent – and amongst the most popular – Two-Handed Mace for you to consider searching for in Diablo 4.

Hellhammer had already been used by many players throughout the Open Beta and Server Slam before, so it already has a couple of builds prepared that align with its attributes today.

It specialises in both CC and AOE damage to affected foes, and you can use it to focus your attacks on single-targets too!

Overkill (Two-Handed Mace)


• + Overpower Damage
• + Damage to Injured Enemies
• + Critical Strike Chance against Injured Enemies
• + Damage after killing an Elite
• + Death Blow ranks
Special Effect
o Death Blow prompts a shockwave that deals (16% – 30%) Damage to nearby Enemies
o Enemy killed by this effect resets Death Blow’s cooldown.

Overkill is another superb Unique Weapon that you can use for end-game battles in Diablo 4.

Suiting both the Barbarian and Druid, your Strength-based character can certainly deal significant amounts of AOE damage when fighting against fearsome mobs while using it, thanks to Death Blow.

Staff of Endless Rage (Staff)


• + Damage to CC-ed Enemies
• + Damage to Core Skills
• + Chance of Lucky Hit: Slow
• + Attack Speed of Fireball
• + Fireball ranks
Special Effect:
o Every 3rd Fireball used launches two (2) more fireballs

Turning our attention to Sorcerers now, spellcasters favouring the use of Fireball should definitely opt for the Staff of Endless Rage, wreaking chaos and mayhem against your foes, burning them to ashes.

This Unique Weapon is difficult to come by, but once you have it inside your arsenal, you’ll have an easy time clearing out waves of enemies in Diablo IV.

There are still more Unique Weapons available in the game, before started, make sure you fully understand your class build to loot the best weapons and gear. Read the following passage to find out more about your class: the Right Class For You