A Look into Potential Classes: Necromancer

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Diablo 4’s upcoming release is yet to be revealed so there is still so much room for a new class to be unveiled along the way, and if one is to guess which other character could be entering the new game’s fold again, it could be the enigmatic Necromancer, amongst others!

Sometimes, one magic caster is just not enough for a game as expansive and deep as Diablo 4, and that is why one potential character class that may end up appearing again in the new game can also be of the Necromancer.

Capable of reanimating the dead while also empowering themselves, the Necromancer is such a dark and powerful manipulator of dangerous arcane spells that none other are brave enough to pursue.

With this in mind, it would make sense if the Necromancer does appear again in Diablo 4, especially given that the new main antagonist is Mephisto’s own flesh and blood, Lilith.

Here are a few insights into the Necromancer class for you to go through briefly:


oDiablo 2
oDiablo 2: Resurrected
oDiablo 3 (Rise of the Necromancer DLC)

Primary Attributes:

Secondary Attributes:

Groups/ Orders:
oPriests of Rathma

Known Necromancers:
oMany others!

oDiablo 2/ Diablo 2: Resurrected

Summoning Spells Poison and Bone Spells Curses
Level 1 Raise Skeleton, Skeleton Mastery Teeth, Bone Armour Amplify Damage
Level 6 Clay Golem Poison Dagger, Corpse Explosion Dim Vision, Weaken
Level 12 Golem Mastery, Raise Skeletal Mage Bone Wall Iron Maiden, Terror
Level 18 Blood Golem Poison Explosion, Bone Spear Confuse, Life Tap
Level 24 Summon Resist, Iron Golem Bone Prison Attract, Decrepify
Level 30 Fire Golem, Revive Poison Nova, Bone Spirit Lower Resist

oDiablo 3

Primary Skills
Bone Spikes
Grim Scythe
Siphon Blood

Secondary Skills
Bone Spear
Skeletal Mage
Death Nova

Blood and Bone
Bone Armour
Bone Spirit
Blood Rush

Command Skeletons
Command Golem
Army of the Dead
Land of the Dead


Corpse Explosion
Corpse Lance

Fueled by Death
Life from Death
Stand Alone
Many others!

The Necromancer has already appeared in two (2) Diablo games already, and though some might argue that this makes it less likely that we will see the character again in Diablo 4, the Barbarian had also been present in Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 too, making this argument mute.

Whichever the case, we will keep a close eye on this favourite character class, won’t we?

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