Diablo 4 – A Look into Potential Classes: Demon Hunter

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There are many different character classes that are still waiting to be restored back into Diablo’s spotlight again, but when it comes to originality and perfect narrative placement within Diablo 4, the Demon Hunter should definitely be a hot pick amongst the rest!

Masters of Hatred and Discipline, Demon Hunters are distinct individuals capable of dual-wielding Crossbows while arming themselves with a plethora of lethal weaponry to slaughter demonic beings that have come from Hell.

Able to utilize elemental effects to their advantage while also being agile and quick to dance around enemies, the Demon Hunter class excels in most aspects that almost other characters do not, making them ideal in combatting Lilith’s return in Diablo 4.

Here are certain details about the Demon Hunter that you might find useful:


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Primary Attributes:

Secondary Attributes:

Primary Skills
Hungering Arrow
Entangling Shot
Evasive Fire

Secondary Skills
Rapid Fire
Elemental Arrow

Defensive Skills
Smoke Screen
Shadow Power

Marked for Death

Fan of Knives
Spike Trap

Cluster Arrow
Rain of Vengeance

Passive Skills
Thrill of the Hunt
Tactical Advantage
Blood Vengeance
Loads more!

With so much time between now and Diablo 4’s potential launch coming next year, anything can surely happen in-between and the Demon Hunter may yet feature in the new game.

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