Diablo 4 – A Look into Potential Classes: Witch Doctor

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There is still some time left for new character classes to be unveiled for Diablo 4, and when it comes to rumours and speculations, the Witch Doctor is definitely one of the most popular fan-guesses up to this point.

The Witch Doctor is one creative in-game design that was quite intriguing and fun to play with when it was first introduced in Diablo 3.

After a few years now, we have yet to see the Witch Doctor again, capable of conjuring debilitating curses, summon monstrosities, transmitting plagues, and so much more!

There are certain sections of the player base that are hoping to see the Witch Doctor in Diablo 4 too, and if you’re looking for some quick info about the character class, here are some details that might interest you:


oDiablo 3

Primary Attributes:

Secondary Attributes:

Groups/ Orders:

Known Witch Doctors:
oMany others!

oDiablo 3

Primary Skills
Poison Dart
Corpse Spiders
Plague Toads

Secondary Skills
Grasp of the Dead
Locusts Swarm

Defensive Skills
Summon Zombie Dogs
Spirit Walk

Soul Harvest
Mass Confusion

Zombie Charger
Spirit Barrage
Acid Cloud
Wall of Death

Big Bad Voodoo
Fetish Army

Passive Skills
Jungle Fortitude
Circle of Life
Spiritual Attunement
A plethora of others!

The Witch Doctor plays almost on the same veins as the Necromancer although there are some defined differences between the two when it comes to gameplay mechanics and unique abilities.

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