Diablo 4 – Baal, Lord of Destruction: Chapter Five

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Tor’Baalos, Lord of Destruction, has been actively partaking in the evil schemes that have been affecting Sanctuary throughout the years, and in Chapter Five today, his part in the amalgamation of the Singular Prime Evil will be explained briefly, in anticipation for Diablo 4.

With the end of Chapter Four previously, here’s a look at how Baal still continues to disrupt the world’s peace even after his presumed ‘death:


Although defeated at the end of Diablo 2, Baal’s presence still wanders in Sanctuary due to parts of his spirit being entombed inside the Black Soulstone, an item which was previously constructed out of good intentions by Zoltun Kulle but was used for evil agendas by the Witch, Adria.

Adria, in cohorts with Diablo, was marking all the Great Evils’ essences to be channelled inside the Black Soulstone, patiently waiting for her time to unleash them all to become one with Diablo as the Singular Prime Evil once the time comes.
Adria mentioned that out of the three (3) Prime Evils, Baal was the only one that surprised her because he had not fought back when she marked him to be trapped inside the Black Soulstone, merely sharing amusement for her ploys.

When the fallen angel, Malthael, had destroyed the Black Soulstone during his battle against a new band of heroes, Diablo and all his brethren trapped inside were finally released and merged together to become the new Singular Prime Evil!

However, this new threat still failed to defeat the latest party of like-minded human saviours, with the end result being that of the death of the Singular Prime Evil, and the return of each Great Evil back into the world and beyond, presumably awaiting another chance to return!

And that generally sums up the whole backstory of Baal, Lord of Destruction and Hell-brother of Mephisto and Diablo.

Are you hoping to see Baal again in Diablo 4?

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