Diablo 4 – A Look at the Game’s Unique Weapons Discovered

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With enemies as mighty as Diablo himself, it’s understandable that the best way to defeat such fearsome foes in Diablo 4, especially in Nightmare or Torment difficulty, is to arm yourself with the most powerful Unique weapons the game has to offer.


Previously, fifteen (15) of these rare weapons have already been identified, and Part 4 here will be exploring the final four (4) ones which can be found randomly during your adventures around the world.

The Grandfather (Two- Handed Sword)


  • + Damage
  • + Critical Strike Damage
  • + Maximum Life
  • + All Stats
  • Ignores Durability loss
    • Special effect:
      • +(60% – 100%) Critical Strike Damage
      • Other properties’ values can roll higher than their baseline ranges


This monstrous blade befits the most cruel and bloodthirsty Barbarian, empowering your character above their human capabilities.


The Grandfather is simple and crude, yet it does its job of killing hordes of demons beautifully.


Black River (Scythe)


  • + Life per kill
  • + Intelligence
  • + Damage to Healthy Enemies
  • + Fuelled by Death ranks
  • + Corpse Explosion ranks
    • Special effect:
      • Corpse Explosion consumes up to four (4) more Corpses nearby, adding cumulative explosion Damage and radius each


The Necromancer is the best character to wield Scythes, and with Black River equipped, the undead that you reanimate are now way scarier than they were before.


Black River lets you sap small amounts of Life from enemies, and summoned Corpses now explode bigger, bringing down unfortunate foes that underestimate the consequences of staying close to a ticking time bomb.


Bloodless Scream (Two-Handed Scythe)


  • + Life per kill
  • + Darkness Skills’ Damages
  • + Damage to Chilled Enemies
  • + Damage to Frozen Enemies
  • + Cold Resistance
    • Special effect:
      • Darkness Skills apply up to 40% Chill to enemies hit
      • [Lucky Hit] Up to 100% Chance for Darkness Skills to generate 2 – 5 additional Essences against Frozen Enemies


Another Necromancer favourite, the Bloodless Scream is a special Two-Handed Scythe that punishes Frozen Enemies like there’s no tomorrow!


You steal a small portion of enemies’ Life to restore your own, and those Chilled or frostbitten are susceptible to instant death by Bloodless Scream’s cold judgement (pun intended).


Flamescar (Wand)


  • + Lucky Hit Chance
  • + Damage to Burning Enemies
  • + Damage to Healthy Enemies
  • + Chance to Burn on Lucky Hit
  • + Incinerate ranks
    • Special effect:
      • Incinerate occasionally shoots embers at nearby enemies, dealing Fire Damage


Both the Necromancer and Sorcerer can also wield the revered Flamescar, a Fire wand that devastates hellish minions with flames unlike those of the Burning Hells.


Plus, random sparks of fire will hone in on nearby adversaries at random intervals too, compounding your Fire-elemental potency further.



Now, we’ve finally covered all the Unique weapons that you can find in Diablo 4.


However, we still have Super Unique weapons to explore next, so stay tuned for that in the near future as well!


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