Introducing The New FIFA 23 World Cup Item Selection

Did you know that you can count on U7BuyStore for fast and cheap FIFA 23 coins? On November 9th we finally get to play the FIFA 23 World Cup. This mode was advertised as part of this year’s game, however, it wasn’t among the day one features. More details about it are pouring in as we get closer to the release date. We now know what type of World Cup content will be available in FIFA 23. A brand new player collection is joining the fray. Each one of the 32 World Cup nations will be represented by an item card. Swing by the U7BuyStore to buy FIFA 23 coins!

FIFA 23 World Cup Player Packs and Cards

Let’s find out more about this new FIFA 23 collection. Each nation will have a player to represent it. This footballer receives a special World Cup item. You can expect these cards on November 11th. This date marks the release of the in-game Season 2. Players are greeted with a reward. As soon as you log into the game, you get a World Cup starter pack. This way, you can integrate World Cup players into your team straight from day one. The next items won’t come that easily. Let’s see how you can get more World Cup footballers. The good news is that Season 2 doesn’t lack opportunities to obtain these new cards. You will get packs that contain World Cup players as rewards. Alternatively, you can also buy packs from the store. Some of the store packs will have World Cup items as bonus items. The bonus is guaranteed until December 2nd. When you get a bonus pack, you obtain more World Cup items in addition to the ones that make up the usual content. As always, you can count on Squad Building Challenges and Objectives to acquire more players. We will have milestone Objectives that reward packs. Keep in mind that the World Cup items are time limited. This means that they expire if you do not claim them by January 4th. We’ve seen how you can get World Cup players. Now, let’s see what you can do with them. These items are used in Swaps Objectives. Some of them can have increased stats. Players that get many World Cup items boost their End of Event rewards as well. Another World Cup collection of player items is available through FIFA 23 Campaigns.