FIFA 23 – NY Red Bull’s ‘Dynamic Duos’ Ready for MLS!

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There have been many magnificent UT player cards introduced in FIFA 23, but the best of them are usually too expensive to buy or too hard to unlock.

Well, if you’re struggling to come up with the perfect squad, a new ‘Dynamic Duos’ pair has just been added into the game, both providing much-needed depth, cover, and even becoming potential starters to play against other online UT players!

The two (2) players to receive the superb in-game card upgrade are of New York Red Bulls’ Brazilian talents, Luquinhos and Carlos Coronel!

Luquinhos is a spectacular forward/ winger who likes to drag opposition defenders away from teammates, either by dancing with the ball around them or making dummy runs to confuse defenders.

On the other hand, Carlos Coronel is a superb shot-stopper in Major League Soccer, making his loan move from RB Salzburg permanent following his impressive debut season with NY Red Bulls in 2021.

When it comes to their new player ratings, here is how both of them fare in FIFA 23:

(LM) Luquinhas’ ‘Dynamic Duos’ Player Card: OVR 85 (+11)

Pace: 91 (+9)
Dribbling: 87 (+8)
Passing: 82 (+14)
Shooting: 81 (+14)
Physicality: 69 (+12)
Defending: 47 (+12)

Luquinhas is a great player to have as a backup in UT, able to influence the late-game when brought on as an impact sub, utilising his blistering runs and magical dribbling skills to good use.

He can play as a CAM, CF, or LW too, enjoying an exciting Explosive AcceleRATE type for you to take advantage of.

Luquinhas also boasts 4-Star Skills and a 4-Star Weak Foot, making him an amazing player to have on the offense.

A dominant right-footer, his High Attacking Work Rate is also a crucial asset to his gameplay, ensuring that he is always up at the top to receive long passes forward.

Additionally, Luquinhas has some nice player traits as well:

Outside Foot Shot
Finesse Shot
Early Crosser
Technical Dribbler (CPU AI)


(GK) Carlos Coronel’s ‘Dynamic Duos’ Player Card: OVR 86 (+14)

Reflexes: 88 (+13)
Kicking: 87 (+14)
Diving: 86 (+14)
Handling: 84 (+16)
Positioning: 84 (+14)
Speed: 60 (+21)

At the other end of the spectrum, Carlos Coronel is Luquinhas’ superb compatriot who is dedicated to keeping your team’s goalposts safe.

Also preferring to use his right foot more, the 26-year old Brazilian has the Lengthy AcceleRATE type in the game.

As a goalkeeper, his most defining trait is:

Rushes Out Of Goal

Both of these players can do well in almost any UT squad today, and they can now be unlocked via a quick Squad-Building Challenge (SBC) that requires two (2) simple squad submissions (11 Players in each Squad):

oMinimum number of Players from Brazil: 1
oMinimum number of Players with OVR 85 or higher: 1
oMinimum Squad Rating: 83

oSame as Luquinhas’

If you manage to complete both of them, a Small Gold Players Pack will also be rewarded for your efforts!

The SBC in question is expected to expire on 22nd January 2023 (Sunday), meaning that you still have a lot of time to consider recruiting these two (2) respected players from the MLS.

From the Transfer Market, both are also sold quite cheaply:

oPS/ Xbox: 18,250 FIFA Coins
oPC: 18,100 FIFA Coins

Carlos Coronel
oPS/ Xbox: 18,400 FIFA Coins
oPC: 18,250 FIFA Coins

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After all, you don’t get too many chances to acquire a few good UT player cards in one fell swoop!