FUT 22: Things to Do in FUT 22 This Week

U7buystore is best online market where you can buy cheap FUT 23 coins. Weekend League rewards kicks off at 2 AM ET / 7 AM ET if you haven’t completed all of your matches. Team of the Week 29 featured only six players with an OVR rating of 85 or higher, although there were several big players among them. Neymar at 93 OVR is clearly the best player, with Raheem Sterling at 91 OVR right behind him.

The long-awaited FUT Captains promo is finally live, bringing incredible boosted cards for FUT heroes and current captains, as well as daily SBCs, including those for Prime Icon Moments! FUT Captain Lars Stindl is free to unlock via objectives, and there’s also a new Live FUT Friendly called The Chosen One where you’ll have to compete using only players from the same team.

If you don’t really need Stindl, we would recommend against purchasing these objectives, as another player with similar requirements will most likely be released on Friday, April 15th. This way you can double the number of targets and kill two birds with one stone! You have until Friday, April 22nd to complete Stindl, so don’t rush.

Another Live FUT Friendly called Captain’s Cup has appeared. Captain’s Cup Challenges are an easy way to get some packs, just make sure you play the allotted matches every day. With four victories, you’ll also earn a FUT Hero Captain on loan to help you move even further towards your goals.

Since the objectives can be completed in less than an hour, it’s definitely worth doing and Marseille won the match, so de la Fuente will upgrade the card rating to 74. There isn’t a lot of content in the game at the moment, so make sure you complete all the objectives “Exchange icons 2 set 2” to exchange them for the best rewards.

Tasks expire on Monday, April 18, so you can combine multiple Icon Swaps 2 tasks with this simple guide to help you complete them in no time.