FUT 23 – How To Earn Rewards In The New FUT Moments Mode

Have you heard that U7BuyStore has cheap FUT 23 coins for sale and fast deliveries? See what’s going on right now! FUT 23 has a new single-player mode. FUT Moments give players the opportunity to engage in quick scenarios with various requirements. Players begin by selecting a story. They complete each chapter that contains several challenges. FUT Moments are themed around current and past football events, game campaigns, and footballers. For example, we have a story that features cover star Kylian Mbappe. New activities are great but players will want to know what’s in it for them. FUT Stars are exclusive FUT Moments rewards. This is a currency that is transformed into prizes. You won’t get FUT 23 coins from FUT Moments, but you can always buy FUT 23 coins at convenient prices from the U7BuyStore!

Earn FUT Stars When You Complete FUT 23 Moments

As you complete FUT 23 Moments you will acquire FUT Stars. This new currency is used at the Moments Star Gallery. This is how you earn prizes in this new mode. You don’t have to spend your stars the minute you get them. Stars don’t have an expiration date. You can use them throughout FUT 23 seasons. Players have two ways to get stars. When you complete Moments, you can up the reward level to get more FUT Stars. Completed Moments can be replayed as many times as you want. However, this is just for fun. The reward is acquired only once. The second way to accumulate FUT Stars is to obtain the group reward. When you complete all the Moments and their reward levels from a chapter, you get bonus stars. After you finish a Moment, you can see all the completed challenges associated with it. You will also see how many stars you got for the challenges. When you are ready to spend your stars, you should check out the FUT Star Gallery. Keep in mind that some of the rewards expire after a while. We also have rewards that are available throughout FUT 23. It’s best to get the time-sensitive prizes first and leave the ones that don’t expire for later. We have Moments in which we need to use a certain footballer. If you don’t have that footballer, you can get it as a loan for free. FUT Moments will receive new content throughout the year. Players will always have fresh challenges to keep them busy.