Diablo IV Opens New Zones In The Sanctuary

Check out U7BuyGames if you need Diablo IV gold! More details on the upcoming Diablo IV have emerged. The fourth game in the famous Diablo franchise teases an open world. We will have more flexibility in choosing our adventure. First, we will complete the story. As we all know, the true game begins after we finish it in story mode. As we uncover the story, we will discover the new zones. True to the Diablo atmosphere, the new Sanctuary zones are charmingly dark and dangerous. Prepare for this Sanctuary incursion with cheap Diablo IV gold from U7BuyGames!

Diablo IV Adds New Sanctuary Zones

The Scosglen coast is one of the zones that we get to explore in Diablo IV. As the name suggests, this area is placed on the shore of the sea. It spots a beach, but it’s far from being a relaxing place. Decomposing bodies and seaweeds make for a poor view. The sea carves into the stone creating promontories. The clifftops rise high. This is where we will find settlements. We can see that the buildings are put together from varied materials: stone, wood, and thatch. Fishing is the main occupation here. You can notice fishnets and ships. The environment features destructible objects. Fog is a staple of the weather in Scosglen. The Dry Steppes are another area. This is where we find the Orbei Monastery. It’s a place where, albeit in secret, the Zakarum worship still takes place. The monastery is now in ruins, but we can notice the Zakarum architecture. Caravans of pilgrims still come here. The ruins hide secrets and perhaps abandoned treasure. The Dry Steppes are plains that feature arid vegetation with dark rocks in between. Poplar and Saxaul trees grow here. Salt plains are another distinctive feature. The blue lakes encircled by salt tufa stand out. Kyovashad bears a medieval look. It’s a military location with serious defenses. From afar, we start seeing some defense structures. It all becomes clear once we get close to it. The gates are made of stone. A moat surrounds the place. High walls make sure that intruders have a hard time penetrating the settlement. The buildings inside have the iconic Fractured Peaks architecture. They are mostly made of wood. Aesthetics don’t play an important part. The constructions look utilitarian. This fortress has several districts. Slums are some of the worst. Here, the unfortunate can find refuge from the harsh weather.