2021’s Quarterly Update is now up!

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Diablo 4’s anticipated release is still a long way off from now, but that has not stopped us from being a wee-bit excited when the game’s latest Quarterly Update was recently dropped for all of us to take notice!


2023 feels like an eternity from where we are right now.


Still, Diablo 4’s delayed release may just be good news for us all as the developers continue to add new features and improvements upon existing mechanics and concepts, with some of them being explained in the recent Quarterly Update for 2021!


Just recently, Diablo 4’s Quarterly Update had just been revealed which explains a few interesting ideas into the mould.


Here are some of the important notes that you should take notice of:




  • Skill Rank Affixes


  • In the new game, certain random weapons and items will continue to offer Skill Rank Affixes (g. +4 Ranks to ‘Flay’) that either improves your existing Skill or provide a brand new one for you to play around with!


  • Somewhat similar to Path of Exile’s system, this might indicate Diablo 4’s openness to embrace current trends within the genre.


  • Legendary Essence


  • Legendary items or weapons are special types which boast powerful effects or abilities within the game.


  • To provide extra flexibility in building your Hero, Diablo 4 will introduce a new NPC which aids in converting those Legendary powers (destroying the actual item in the process) into Legendary Essence that can then be transferred onto another preferred item or weapon of your choice!


  • The NPC in question is the new Occultist who will crystallize the Legendary Power from the respective Legendary item, and it can then be stored for later use or immediately transferred to another item or weapon, ranking that equipment up in terms of actual rarity, on the spot (g. from Rare to Legendary).


  • This will only affect Legendaries and Unique Items will not be able to receive the same treatment (to keep their special rarity apart).


  • Paragon Board


  • Another new implementation into the game is the Paragon Board which opens up a massive Skill Tree that offers plenty of exclusive passive buffs for your character.


  • Each skill is categorized as ‘Tiles’ and there will be various different Tiles that you can unlock to enjoy different effects.


  • There will be four (4) Gated Tiles at the end which will unlock another Paragon Board for you to attach later, making your end-game Hero’s growth almost endless!


  • Visual Effects, Combat Improvements, etc.


  • As a new game, Diablo 4 will undoubtedly need to up the ante when it comes to graphical fidelity and in-game engine prowess.


  • The developers have noted plenty of changes in this department, with more detailed gore splattered onto your characters’ models as well as specific enemy-death animations that change according to the actual killing blow dealt to them!


The actual Quarterly Update blog is quite expansive, so you should definitely check it out today, right here.


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