Mephisto, Lord of Hatred: Chapter 1 (Prime Evils, Part 2)

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With Lilith now identified as the primary demonic villain for Diablo 4, her father, Mephisto, might also crop up within the game every now and then, even if it might just be as a reference or an easter egg regarding its presence throughout previous Diablo games.

After the previously shared history about Tathamet, the origin of all Evils throughout the Diablo series, in Part 1, now would be the perfect time for us to learn a little bit about the next major villain within the game’s universe – Dul’Melphistos, Lord of Hatred.

Commonly known as Mephisto in short, it is the eldest Prime Evil amongst all the other Great Evils, with Baal and Diablo being the other two (2) Prime Evils coming after him accordingly.

After countless years of trying to manipulate angles, humans and even its own demonic brethren too in order to gain an upper hand in destroying Heaven once and for all, Mephisto remains to be a crucial name in Diablo 4 although its role is yet to be explained after its convergence with Diablo into becoming the singular Prime Evil in Diablo 3.


In Diablo 4, it is made known that Dul’Mephistos is the father of the banished Lilith.

Mephisto’s origin links back to the first supreme evil entity, Tathamet, to which its severed head created a new life in the form of Mephisto itself.

With the corpse of Tathamet creating the Burning Hells and all the Great Evils, the High Heavens and Angels were also formed out of Anu which continued Anu’s and Tathamet’s eternal conflict with each other, leading to the Angels’ and Demons’ war of The Eternal Conflict.

At a certain point in time, Mephisto and its brethren found out about the missing Worldstone which was used by the rogue Angel, Inarius and its own daughter, Lilith, to create a new world known as Sanctuary.

The two (2) beings consummated to create new life as well, this time in the form of the Nephalem (humans).

Mephisto and its other Prime Evils recognized the potential of the Nephalem to turn the tide of The Eternal Conflict war into their favour, and so turned their attentions towards corrupting the minds of the Nephalem in order to sway them under their influence.

To avoid direct intervention by the Angels, the Prime Evils formed a cult known as the Triune which masked the Prime Evils as compassionate Gods known as Mefis, Bala and Dialon respectively.

Because of this, Inarius formed a counterpart religion known as the Cathedral of Light to combat the Prime Evils’ ideologies.

These actions inevitably led to the Sin War which resulted in Mephisto agreeing to leave humanity alone for them to find their own path between good and evil, while it took Inarius to be brought back to Hell instead.

Afterwards, even though they made no direct contact to affect humanity’s development, the Prime Evils continued to monitor the Nephalem’s progress, which led to the other Lesser Evils rebelling against them due to their supposed disinterest in The Eternal Conflict.

In truth, this was exactly part of the Prime Evils’ plans to get themselves banished into the mortal realms while they continued to influence the Nephalem into becoming their newfound army to destroy Heaven.

One action led to another, and these will be explained further in Chapter Two coming up next!

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