Mephisto, Lord of Hatred: Chapter Two (Prime Evils, Part 3)

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Following on from Chapter One last time, today we will be looking into Mephisto’s overall lore before the events of Diablo 4 begins.

After Chapter One had shared about the origins and the banishment of Mephisto and its Prime Evil brethren into Sacntuary, Chapter Two today will continue to detail further upon their continued efforts to taint humanity into doing their biddings.

As Mephisto, Baal and Diablo were cast out from Hell into Sanctuary by their Lesser Evil rebels, the trio Lords of Evil proceeded to manipulate and influence many innocents towards serving them wholly.

Archangel Tyriel sensed their schemes and rallied the Horadrim – a group of exceptional mages – to defeat and contain the Prime Evils inside Soulstones.

During Mephisto’s exile in Sanctuary, he was confronted by the Horadrim inside its lair in Kehjistan where they managed to capture him inside a Soulstone to be guarded by Zakarum priests in the Guardian Tower of the Temple of Light.

Unbeknownst to all, Mephisto would use this chance to corrupt all the priests present, eliminating the only member of the Church, Que-Hagan Khalim, after noting his unwavering faith from the Lord of Hatred’s manipulations.

With all the priests completely under its control, Mephisto would then reunite with Baal and Diablo whom would help release Mephisto from his Soulstone, subsequently leading to Diablo going back to the Burning Hells’ realms to rally support from their demonic minions again, Baal venturing towards the Worldstone’s location in order to taint it, and Mephisto protecting their tracks from any interfering forces.

After being defeated by a group of adventurous heroes, Mephisto was then recaptured into his Soulstone before finding himself sent into an unknown void after his Soulstone was destroyed later at the Hellforge.

However, Mephisto’s essence was still not undone, and Diablo 3’s plot came to be after the witch, Adria, captured his remnants into a Black Soulstone which later combined all three (3) Prime Evils into becoming the single Prime Evil Diablo that was eventually destroyed by a few courageous individuals under Tyriel’s guidance.

For now, Mephisto is still present somewhere within the universe, and time will tell about whether it will still find itself back to do its work of controlling the Nephalem in Sanctuary, or be truly destroyed by the hands of a much stronger hero in the future.

That sums up Mephisto’s brief lore in preparation for Diablo 4.

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