Revealed Starting Classes Thus Far!

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Although Diablo 4’s official release date has yet to be revealed, the starting character classes have already been announced ahead of time, with more potentially coming as we get closer to the game’s eventual launch!

As we return to Sanctuary for a showdown against new end-game baddie, Lilith, the complete list of character classes has yet to be unveiled due to ongoing development processes going on behind the scenes.

Still, the ones that have been revealed are of the same ones that we have already become accustomed to and love.

The current four (4) character classes that have now been introduced within the upcoming game are:

1. Barbarian

Strength-focused players will surely welcome the Barbarian back with open arms as he continues to pound and slash his way to glory against Lilith’s countless minions from Hell.

2. Druid

Shape-shifters, the Druids are capable of wreaking panic and chaos amongst Lilith’s ranks by changing themselves into monstrous creatures of the land such as Wolves and Bears to eviscerate their enemies.

3. Sorceress

Conjurers of elemental magic, the Sorceress can rain down destructive abilities just with the snap of their fingers in order to pave the way for her allies to charge through swarms of creatures that currently seek to destroy Sanctuary.

4. Rogue

Possibly a hybrid between earlier iterations of the Assassin and Demon Hunter from previous Diablo games, the Rogue is able to strike from the shadows and utilize various traps to destroy waves of enemies while also adopting ranged weapons as their primary weapons when needed.

There will undoubtedly be more character classes coming in the next few months, so keep your fingers crossed so that your favourite ones will eventually make an appearance again in the new game!

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